Gumcorp Pakistan boasts a most modern and state of the art laboratory that enables us to invest time and effort in research and development so as to keep pace with technology and the growing needs of our customers.

And it allows us to achieve and maintain the highest standards of quality: 80% of all incoming raw material is tested in-house in our lab, all finished products are tested in-house before being dispatched to customers. Shelf lives are tested and packaging material too is checked for quality and effectiveness in-house.

Our R&D team works relentlessly with the academia, the confectionary industry, the suppliers and you, to develop and employ new techniques and tools/machinery that enable maximum efficiency and allow us to develop new gum base formulations and ingredients that in turn leads to the development of a gumbase that is:

  • Customized for your raw material
  • Customized to produce the final product you require
  • Customized for your environment
  • Customized to run efficiently on your machinery